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Keep snoopers at bay with this tracker blocker app

Ghostery Midnight is a privacy program that enables you to easily block trackers and protect your data online. Offered by Ghostery, this software not only deters web tracking but also acts as a VPN and an ad blocker in one package. Ghostery Midnight has easy toggle switches for its features, so facilitating its setup isn’t difficult.

Keep your footprints hidden

This software specializes in blocking data trackers, similar to the browser extension Ghostery. Enabled by default, the tracker blocker is adept at turning your presence anonymous to hide your digital footprint. However, unlike the extension, Midnight is successful with all browsers and apps you have.

The ad blocker is also similar to the browser extension and can block different types of ads. You can’t customize the settings for this the way you can with the extension, however. Meanwhile, the VPN is a new feature for Ghostery and has a quick drop-down menu showing the locations available. Unfortunately, its server options only have the US, UK, Singapore, Canada, and Germany. You also can’t customize the VPN protocols, but it’s easy to activate

Furthermore, the software offers device-level privacy by way of protecting your native apps. It will show all programs that use your internet connection in your device. You can then enable and disable their protection. This feature has customization options since there are three statuses you can choose: Protected, Monitored, and Disabled. The Protected status automatically blocks, while Monitored will just show tracker requests but won’t stop them.

User-friendly design

This privacy program has an easy-to-use interface where you can find everything in one place. The Home panel has the tracker protection, ad blocker, VPN at the top with the Pause button—which turns off all monitoring and blocking of network requests. You can select how long it pauses from the drop-down menu. The Quick Stats is displayed below, showing the number of trackers detected. You will find to its side the list of active apps and their statuses, color-coded for your convenience.

From the left-side ribbon menu, you can access My Apps, where you can customize your applications. There are icons for the three statuses that you can click on: the Shield for Protection, the Eye for Monitored, and the circular No Symbol for Disabled. If you click on the application, it will show a list of all tracker requests for it—all divided into categories like Site Analytics, Social Media, and Advertising.

This software is available on both Windows and Mac and offers a free 7-day trial. Simply create an account to get started. It is currently available at a monthly subscription, however, a yearly plan will be rolled out in the short term. Fortunately, the VPN has no limits to the number of devices you can simultaneously use it on.

Great for beginners

Overall, Ghostery Midnight lets you easily control your online privacy. It can go beyond your browser and protect your native applications. This program is easy to handle and while its customization options are basic, the bulk of this lets you configure the protection for specific apps. Nonetheless, the software has improved upon what the browser extension had previously offered.

Ghostery Midnight protects your digital footprint across all browsers & apps to defend you against unwanted trackers and advertising while hiding your identity and location

Ghostery Midnight is a multilayered solution that monitors your desktop applications to protect you against unwanted tracking and advertising and to hide your identity and location. The product does this with its unique combination of Tracker Protection, Ad Blocking, and VPN features. The Tracker Protection and Ad Blocking features utilize our network proxy to monitor, analyze, and potentially block all requests made by your desktop applications, including requests made by the application itself and those made by tracking and advertising technologies to preserve your privacy and eliminate unwanted clutter. The VPN feature takes these features a step further by anonymizing your IP address to prevent additional fingerprinting and geotargeting

Ghostery Midnight offers a unique blend of multiple privacy technologies that combines our proprietary tracker protection technology with a robust ad blocker and best-in-class VPN to offer unmatched privacy control and protection at the device level. We have spent the last 10 years developing our technology, which is powered by one of the world’s largest tracker databases. Ghostery Midnight also works seamlessly alongside the Ghostery Browser Extension to provide a blanket of privacy safeguards that gives you granular protection in the browser while extending that data security to countless desktop applications for MacOS and Windows that are riddled with unwanted trackers and advertisements.


  • Device level protection
  • Both ad and trackers blocker
  • Easy user interface
  • Can protect your apps and all browsers
  • Customizable protection for your device’s apps
  • Unlimited VPN usage


  • Monthly subscription plan but will offer a yearly plan
  • Simple settings
  • Can’t block all ads


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Ghostery Midnight


Ghostery Midnight 1.1.0 for Mac


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