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Softonic Special Deal: Get 1 month of Ghostery Premium FREE

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There’s been something of a gap in the software security world. It’s easy to find VPN (virtual private network) providers that help mask your location as you surf, but don’t necessarily stop you from being tracked when you’re not tunnelled into a remote location. And there are privacy apps that shield you from trackers, but don’t provide a VPN option. 

Stepping into this gap is Ghostery Midnight, an enhanced offering from long-respected tracker-blocking company, Ghostery – and they’re now offering a special trial discount to Softonic readers. To redeem, simply create your account here using your credit card and code GHOSTYTONIC, and you’ll get one month of Ghostery’s Premium tier free which unlocks all the advanced features and VPN in Midnight. The regular price is $14 per month, but you can cancel during this trial period at any time. 

How Midnight works

Like Ghostery’s free browser plug-ins and light version of its software, Midnight is fast and easy to install and super simple to navigate. Once loaded on your computer, it automatically gets to work blocking ads and trackers not only in any browser you launch, but also on any app on your computer that connects to the internet.

This is a key difference between Ghostery’s free version and Premium version of Midnight. When you go free, you’ll only have basic browser protection, typically by installing the plug-in on each browser you use. But Midnight offers you device-level security in a very user-friendly way. Load it, run it, and relax – it will do all its work efficiently in the background.

Its quiet operation is a welcome relief from other ad-blockers that continuously pop-up with notifications telling you how many trackers it’s blocked. Ghostery provides this information as well, but only when you want to dive in and see it through the main dashboard. 

Ghostery MidnightFrom that same dashboard, you can toggle overall tracker and ad-blocking protections, as well as select any running apps you’d like to exclude from Midnight’s protection. Clicking on individual apps also provides you with the stats on how much and what specifically was blocked such as advertising, social media trackers and site statistics trackers

Ghostery MidnightGhostery Midnight

A handy “pause” switch lets you suspend Ghostery Midnight for 30 minutes, one hour or 24 hours. This is helpful if you’re having trouble following a link through which you’ll be tracked, but one that you want to access nonetheless. 

Added bonus

As we mentioned, what makes Ghostery Midnight truly impressive is its easy built-in VPN service. As the third toggle switch on your dashboard, it’s as easy as one click to turn the service on and off. Once toggled on, a drop-down window lets you choose between servers in six locations: Montreal, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, and Los Angeles and Atlanta in the US. While this isn’t nearly as many servers as offered by the top VPN providers, the benefit here is that you have all your privacy options in one place. And truthfully, most users can be perfectly happy using just a handful of VPN servers.

The deal

As a Softonic reader, you can access one full-featured month of Ghostery Midnight free when you use the link below to sign up, along with code: GHOSTYTONIC. You’ll need to create an account with a credit card, but you can cancel at any time. After your trial period, the monthly subscription would cost $14 per month. 

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